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Self-Sufficiency 2016 Coalition


Join fellow Boulder-ites to raise wages and improve benefits for all city workers, including those employed by companies with city contracts.


JOIN the movement

You have some options.


1. SIGN YOUR NAME to our growing list of supporters.




2. EMAIL or CALL CITY COUNCIL to ask for a public hearing on Living Wages.


Phone: 303-441-3002



3. ATTEND the Boulder City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd and tell the Council why people need higher wages.


4. PARTICIPATE in the Public Forum on February 10th at 5:30 p.m. Details to come, but mark your calendars now!


5. PACK CITY COUNCIL Chambers on Tuesday, February 16th to show support for Living Wages. See the agenda here:

(Our online petition is hosted by Coalition members who joined before the launch of the online petition will be added to the petition without their extra effort. contains an email addresses per signee. SS2016 uses the petition to reflect the number of people who support a livable wage for city employees and contractors.)​

Why? These policy changes will position Boulder as a leader in the county and the state - a model for other local governments. Then we can all work together on the upcoming state initiative to repeal the law preventing localities from self-determination of minimum wages.


we're about

ON FEBRUARY 16, 2016
Boulder City Council will vote on city wages. This is an opportune moment for the city to improve the lives of several hundred employees, some who are currently earning wages as low as $8.50 per hour.
LEARN MORE about the proposed resolution at our facts page.
GET THE JIST by listening to interview with Claire Levy of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy on KGNU.
AN EARLIER ATTEMPT to raise wages in 2001 was stymied by 9/11. Over the past year and a half the Boulder Human Relations Commission along with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters of Boulder County have hosted well-attended forums spotlighting these low wages and outlining necessary salary and benefit improvements.

“A living wage is more a statement of the values of the City of Boulder when it contracts out services, that it will expect its contractors to pay a living wage, to pay a decent amount.” - Claire Levy, CCLP

...until the vote. Let's keep talking about the importance of self-sufficient wages. The time is now!

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the coalition

Tel:  303-817-9356


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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Organizational Supporters

League of Women Voters of Boulder County

Latino Task Force of Boulder County

Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County

Boulder Coalition and Alliance on Race

El Centro Amistad

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Council and Board of Missions and Social  Action of First Congregational Church of  Boulder


Denver/Boulder Democratic Socialists of      America


Individual Supporters

Claire Levy

Roxanne Bailin

Rabbi Fred Greene

Rev. Kelly Dignan

Prof. Don Grant

Christina Suarez

Richard Garcia

Mary Ann Wilner

Elene Mooney

Jorge De Santiago

Jim Lovett

Lee Shanis

Deborah Hayes

Shirly Lee White

Kathy Gebhardt

Mickey Greenberg

Chris Barge

Anne Bliss

Rosie Piller

Laurel Herndon

Judy Nogg

Ruth Stemler

David Stemler

Janice Zelazo

Caroline Marino

Louisa Young

Yasi Taylor

Teresa Garcia

Ghada Elturk

Betty Ball

Jeannette Hillery

Darren O'Connor

Frieda Holley

Elizabeth Treister

Peggy Leech

Erika Blum

Ingrid Swords

Gene Rodriguez

Dorothy Bustamante

Kathleen Sepeda

Tom Moore

Nancy Sullo

Tommie Alanasoff

Zuza Bohley

Ceal Ruffing

Juan Juarez

Kimberly Decker

Summer Laws

Elaine Brenner

Catherine Raveczky

Luis Ponce

Celeste Landry

Rochelle Schwartz

Sarah Jane Cohen

Dan McGrady

Ray Meyers

Rosabelle Rice

Bill Cohen

Mary Anna Dunn

Jan Buchanan

Elena Klaver

Neel Welandagoda

Nisansala Fernando

Bob Matthias

Karon Johnson

Carol Crow

Don Reed

Shirley Reed

Earl McGowen

James Duncan

Fred Smith

Dave Anderson

Neil Dimuccio

Carolyn Bninski

Dave Anderson

Elz DeVito

Mairi Maloney

Leslie Ogeda

Beverly Springer

Manuela Sifuentes

Belen Pargas Solis

David Barsamian

Denys Vigil

Richard Holley

Eileen Starnes

Miriam Allen

Louise Selvern

Anna Delgado

Jessica Austin

Jan Borstein

Brandt Milstein

Judy Lubow

Suzanne Crawford

Judy Ludwig-Keller

Sebastian Sifuentes

Dorothy Rupert

Louisa Matthias

Elizabeth Black

Susan Saunders

Angie Layton

Sara Michl

Margaret Lloyd

Steve Herndon

Susan Howard

Ron Forthofer

Marlys Robertson

Tim Brown

Karen Yust

Dick Harris

Catherine Harris

Len Boonin

Harriet Boonin

Morey Bean

Leslie Lomas

Jean Gore

Virginia Gebhart

Laura Upham

Aubrey Hasvold

... and growing!

Our Team
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